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How to Maintain Garage Concrete During Winter

As a homeowner, you probably worry about the effect of cold weather on your driveway. Another area that might require some maintenance is your garage floor. A concrete garage floor is likely to sustain damage due to exposure to salt, ice, snow, and cold temperatures. Here are a few tips to help you maintain garage concrete during winter. What Causes Damage to Your Garage Concrete Floor in the Winter? Different elements can damage your garage floor in the winter: Salt and sand are often used to de-ice roads and will end up in your garage since they stick to your[Read more…]

Best Paving Materials For Commercial Properties (A Guide)

As a business or property owner, you have the responsibility of keeping and maintaining the quality of your building and surrounding area. Have you ever thought about the condition of your parking lot and whether or not you’re using the best commercial paving materials? Many people don’t think about the materials used in the paving process and the process itself, but it’s essential for the longevity and reliability of your parking area. How many times have you pulled into a parking lot and quickly drove right out the other side due to the lack of attention in the parking area?[Read more…]

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How to Properly Edge Your Asphalt Driveway

We turn to asphalt driveways for a wide variety of reasons. First, they’re affordable, and you can drive on them in as little as 24 hours after laying. Your asphalt driveway edge maintenance may differ from your neighbors, but they’re all equally as important. Maintaining your driveway and ensuring that your asphalt is not spilling over into your yard is a necessary part of having one of these driveways. You’ll want to understand how vital edge relief is to the durability and longevity of your driveway. In this article, we want to help you understand what edging an asphalt driveway[Read more…]

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How Helix (Micro-Rebar) Can Improve Your Paving

Micro-Rebar is a newer method of concrete paving that applies to not just driveways, but other building applications, too. Here’s how Helix can improve your paving and make your concrete projects last longer—with less money than conventional pouring methods. What is Helix/Micro-Rebar? Helix Micro-Rebar is a reinforcement technology that replaces rebar and mesh in the concrete. The Helix material is a three-dimensional element that: Increases shear strength Enhances durability Promotes ductility Provides pre-crack capabilities For over a decade, construction experts have used Micro-Rebar in buildings, driveways, foundations, slabs, walls, suspended structural concrete, and even tunnels. Helix Micro-Rebar Stats Helix Micro-Rebar[Read more…]

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Concrete Driveway Maintenance Guide

Throughout the United States, you’ll find concrete in driveways for its durability and lasting aesthetic. Even though many homeowners who have this material sitting on their properties believe it can withstand almost anything, that isn’t the case. The reality is regular concrete driveway maintenance must occur to keep it in good shape. Despite one of the best attributes of a concrete driveway being how little routine care it needs, that doesn’t mean forgoing these tasks. We’re going to discuss concrete care and maintenance tips in this guide. Clean Concrete and Reapply Sealer Keeping your driveway looking its best is every[Read more…]

Should I Resurface, Repair, or Replace My Concrete Driveway?

When using concrete as the material for your driveway, you expect it to be sturdy and long-lasting. The main reason is that, in addition to being affordable, it’s known for its durability and versatility. Not only can you customize concrete to achieve the look you want, but you can count on that look lasting for years. However, throughout your driveway’s lifetime, maintenance will need to occur. Situations may arise where you may wonder if you should resurface your concrete driveway or complete concrete driveway repair. Those are both reasonable concerns, which we’ll address in this guide. Assess Your Concrete Driveway[Read more…]

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Asphalt Driveway Maintenance 101

It isn’t uncommon to find asphalt driveways gracing the properties of many homes throughout the country. At the same time, many of these homeowners are facing similar problems asphalt driveway repair and maintenance. No matter if it’s cracking, corrosion, puddle formation, or surface depression, driveway issues can present themselves. When they do, they result in unnecessary headaches for homeowners. We’re going to discuss some tips for asphalt driveway maintenance to help prevent these headaches from occurring. What is Asphalt? You may hear asphalt referred to as blacktop, and it’s unnecessary the same thing. It’s a combination of concrete rubble and[Read more…]

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How To Winterize Your Asphalt Driveway

It’s almost that time of year again. Most of us are hesitantly putting away our summer shorts and grabbing the good old snow pants as we prepare for winter. Hopefully, this year will be good to us and our driveways. However, there’s no way to tell. That gives us only one option — prepare. We don’t want to leave our asphalt driveways out in the cold, so there are some steps you’ll need to take to preserve their look and lifespan. You’re probably already starting your winterizing routing, insulating certain areas, and putting weathering strips around windows. So, while you’re[Read more…]

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Parking Lot Maintenance Guide

All pavement goes through wear and tear, weathering, and general damage over time. Parking lots are no different. Maintenance steps need to be taken to lengthen the lifespan and the investment of parking lot pavement. A variety of proactive measures, treatments, and repairs can keep parking lot pavements from looking rough and dated. So, what kind of pavement are we working with here? Well, did you know that 90% of parking lots here in the U.S. use asphalt? Unfortunately, asphalt isn’t invincible. Over time, weathering and damage will start to take its toll and make parking lots unsafe and unsightly.[Read more…]

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Why You Should Use Concrete For Your Driveway

The idea behind concrete has been around for a long, long time. The world we live in is filled to the brim with concrete roads, structures, features, and beyond. One widespread use for concrete is residential driveways. The modern mix that we have grown to use and love today is relatively new and uses Portland cement as a central ingredient. A Brief History of Concrete The truth is, the science and methodology behind concrete mixes are ancient. As we mentioned, today’s concrete mixes are made using Portland cement, aggregates, and water. You may be thinking, “wait, concrete and cement are[Read more…]

Use Concrete For Your Driveway