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The Great Debate: Asphalt vs. Concrete

When it comes to driveway surfaces, it usually comes down to the big two: concrete and asphalt. This tale as old as modern pavement has been debated over and over again — and we’re here to help guide your decision. Whether you’re in the process of renovating or building a new home, you’re more than likely looking at these two surfaces for your driveway. So which one is better? Well, the answer to that question isn’t necessarily black and white (or in this case, black and gray). Sure, both concrete and asphalt will function as a driveway —  there’s no[Read more…]

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Best Things About a Minnesota Summer

Minnesota winters may be off putting to most who are unable to bear the frigid tundra, and often we true Minnesotans end up asking ourselves, “Why do I stay here?”. Is it the Caribou Coffee? Or because we can never leave the home of the Juicy Lucy? It’s not completely clear, but the one thing ALL Minnesotans can agree on is that we may have one of the best summers and for that, we can somehow get over the 9 month long winter. Here are a few of the best things about a Minnesota summer. The Lakes: Whether you like to[Read more…]

The 4th Annual Driveway Giveaway!

Do you remember that gratifying feeling of riding your bike or rollerblading down a freshly paved road? Or how about drawing big murals across a smooth driveway or sidewalk? Well, it’s that time again! Richfield Blacktop & Concrete is giving YOU the opportunity to get a new driveway. Re-sealing or repaving a driveway can seem like quite the daunting task, not to mention expensive, but with this contest the weight could be lifted off your shoulders! Nobody wants to enter a giveaway that requires you to share their photo on 15 different social media sites and send the message out[Read more…]

Increasing the value of your home by upping your curb appeal

Home looking a little worn down, used and ‘lived in’? There a few simple things you can do to improve your curb appeal, and increase the price of your property substantially. Another consideration is not just the price you get for your home, but how quickly it sells. The more quickly your home sells, the sooner you can stop paying the mortgage. It’s a HUGE savings. An attractive home sells more quickly. Period. – First- power wash your home and windows if necessary (whose home couldn’t use a power wash??) Dirty windows and siding make a home look old and[Read more…]

11 Things To Love About a Minnesota Summer

Summers in Minnesota are really about soaking up every moment of sunshine and goodness before Old Man Winter rears his ugly head again.  We work hard and play hard in a Minnesota summer. 11.  Trails- because even though we have the Mall of America, there is only so much mall-walking a person can take. 10. Barbecues.  We really take advantage of the ability to gather outside of the house, knowing we’re going to get plenty of “togetherness” in the house the rest of the year. 9. Cabins. Not to worry- even if you don’t have one, your friend, your crazy[Read more…]

7 Garage Organization Tips

If you’re like us, spring is that special time when you realize that an entire winter’s worth of toys, decorations, dirt, and tools are scattered throughout your garage.  Time to get it cleaned up and organized now that it’s warm enough to do so! We wanted to share some of the best garage organization tips we’ve seen over the years. Hanging shelving– If installed correctly, this can be super stable.  It’s a great way to get items you don’t use frequently out of the way.  Tip: holiday decorations are a great thing to store on these shelves since you only[Read more…]

10 Things to Love About a Minnesota Spring

10. Opening the windows Once it hits 50 degrees, that seems like a fair temperature to open the windows and get some fresh air, right? 9. Daylight The spring days seem to be endless- a welcome reprieve after months of short days. 8. Disappearing mountains of snow There is something therapeutic about seeing the shrinking mountain in your front yard.  One day you can’t see over it.  Two days later, it’s nothing but a molehill.  Fantastic! 7. People out and about After a winter cooped up in the house, there is no greater sign of spring than the people who[Read more…]

10 Indoor Activities for Kids to Pass a Minnesota Winter

We’re all starting to get a touch of cabin fever as we anxiously await the beginning of driveway season, or as some might call it, spring.   With all of the snow days, we’ve heard some of you are running out of indoor activities for the kiddos, so we put together a list. 1.    Build a fort Many of us have fond memories of building blanket forts growing up.  All of these years later, it’s still a great way to entertain the little ones.  Move furniture close enough and drape blankets fully over it. Bring some books and snacks in, and[Read more…]

2014 Tax Relief Giveaway

As the new year quickly approaches, we’re excited to announce our 2nd annual Tax Relief Driveway Giveaway!  One lucky winner will be announced the winner of the free concrete driveway on April 15th,2014 (tax day) from Richfield Blacktop and Concrete.  So, as you start to gather your receipts, tax forms and deductions this year, don’t forget to: Like our Facebook Page. Tell us why it needs to be repaired. Share the giveaway with your Facebook friends, and any family members who may need a new driveway. Schedule your free driveway quote.  We’ll come out and take a look, and help[Read more…]

Top 10 Most Minnesotan Thanksgiving Dishes

We’re putting a bow on the season as the ground freezes, and making plans to enjoy Thanksgiving with our families.  In preparation, we put together a list of the 10 most Minnesotan Thanksgiving dishes.  While there are several hotdishes/casseroles that made the cut, there’s much more to Minnesota than that! Check it out! 10. Lefse The Johnsons, Hansens and Petersons that live in Minnesota serve up this Norwegian classic.  Whether you serve it with butter and sugar or with jam, Minnesotans do lefse well. 9. Green Bean Casserole You can’t do green bean casserole without the French-fried onions on the[Read more…]