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Does Your Garage Floor Need to Be Replaced?

The team of experts at Richfield Blacktop knows that protecting your garage floor against Minnesota’s harsh weather conditions is paramount to its longevity. Temporary fixes to minor cracks or chips won’t last long.

Our concrete garage floor replacement solutions ensure that your paving system is ready to stand up to the harshest weather conditions and general damage that garage floors will naturally encounter over time.

Our seasoned paving experts utilize high-quality materials to assist Minneapolis and St. Paul homeowners looking to replace their garage floors. Our experienced team is ready to help you, and to give you a garage floor that can withstand the elements, as well as gradual wear and tear over the years.

Concrete Garage Floor Replacement Process

When there is something wrong with your concrete garage floors, the best solution is to replace the floor entirely. Though this may seem like a big endeavor, Richfield Blacktop works quickly and efficiently when paving new flooring.

Our professional craftsmanship will leave you happy with the results.

  1. The first step when replacing a concrete floor is to saw-cut the original flooring and remove it. We then take the old concrete and recycle it.
  2. Next, if necessary, they will recompact or replace the sub-base. We install steel rebar to reinforce the new concrete.
  3. We take measurements of the room to calculate the amount of concrete needed. After the new concrete arrives, it is paved, flattened, and finished using bull floats and trowels.

Our signature Titan 5000 concrete mix ensures that your new flooring will last against the harsh Minnesota weather longer than before.


After Your Concrete Garage Floor is Replaced

You’ll be able to park on your brand new concrete garage floor after 7-10 days. Concrete is an incredibly porous material that can quickly soak up stains.

Our experts can handle the sealing process to eliminate the chances of oil, paint, dirt, or salt from car tires damaging your cement garage flooring.

Titan 5000

Titan 5000 concrete mix is our signature concrete formula. We created this concrete mix specifically to withstand the harsh Minnesota weather and climate.

This concrete garage flooring solution is built to last with its durable fiberglass rebar and micros fibers when using this concrete mix. It is above industry-grade PSI and class A rock.

Our specially formulated mix has an integral sealer that improves the concrete’s moisture protection. Its minimal water to cement ratio reduces peeling, giving homeowners long-lasting and reliable concrete garage floors.

Our Full Suite of Concrete Solutions

Richfield Blacktop also uses concrete for other construction and paving projects for Twin Cities’ homeowners. We are experts in other types of concrete projects like:

  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Walkways
  • Steps/stairways
  • Curbs
  • Porches
  • Decorative paving

Although concrete is more expensive upfront than other options, like asphalt, maybe, concrete lasts about twice as long as other materials.

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#1. When Should Concrete Garage Floors Be Installed?

Concrete should be installed in temperatures no lower than 35 degrees for at least 30 days after installation and should not be in extreme heat. The best time to install concrete in Minnesota would be from May through October.

#2. Is Concrete a Good Choice for Minnesota’s Climate?

Concrete is one of the best options for the cold weather in Minnesota. When properly installed, concrete garage flooring will hold up against the freezing Minnesota temperatures.

#3. What Type of Sealants Are Needed for My Concrete Garage Flooring?

Richfield Blacktop uses a specialized concrete mix that offers integral protective sealant. After the complete initial curing of the concrete of about 30 days, you can apply a penetrating sealer to protect the concrete from contaminants. Sealing must be reapplied every 3-5 years, with the first replication three years after installation.

#4. Will My Concrete Floors Crack?

Over time every concrete project is bound to crack. But, when properly planned and installed, concrete is designed to minimize the amount of cracking and the appearance of cracks.

With the added reinforcements to add tensile strength to the concrete by adding various materials into the concrete mix, there will be minimal cracking.


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Richfield Blacktop offers affordable concrete and asphalt paving services. We are the best choice for those in the Minneapolis – St. Paul Metro Area.

For over 60 years, we have been providing service to the Twin Cities. With our decades of experience, you can get the best quality work for your money.

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