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Before we begin work, there are several preliminary steps:

1-2 Days

  • Consultation and Estimate – Within one business day of your call, we’ll contact you to arrange a convenient time for an experienced professional driveway consultant to visit your location. During that consultation, we’ll assess your soil conditions, measure the driveway carefully, make recommendations, and answer all questions you may have. Then, we’ll prepare a written estimate for the job, including all options you have selected.

2-4 Weeks

  • Making the Decision to Go Ahead – Once you’ve made your decision to have Richfield Blacktop install your new driveway, you’ll sign the estimate and we’ll provide written confirmation. All terms of the estimate will appear on your copy, including our written limited driveway warranty. As always, we’ll answer any questions you may have.
  • Scheduling – We’ll let you know when your project will begin, based on our workload, your preferences, and other factors. Typically, your project will begin within 2 to 4 weeks. Weather and other issues may alter the schedule, but we’ll keep you fully informed.
  • Permits and Utility Location – Richfield Blacktop will pull any necessary permits from your local jurisdiction and will arrange to have all utilities located and marked prior to beginning construction. We’ll notify you of the start time for construction a week prior to the start date.



Asphalt Paving Timeline MN
Asphalt Paving Timeline MN

Actual construction also involves several steps:

1 Day

  • Remove Old Paving – Using a variety of equipment, we will remove all old paving, and excavate as needed for any new sub-base that will be added. The removed material will be hauled away for recycling. This job is typically done in a single day.
  • Install Sub-Base and Compact – Any new sub-base materials will be placed and the sub-base will be carefully smoothed and compacted using vibratory roller and vibratory plate equipment. This important process will take place on the same day as we remove the old paving.

1-10 Days Later

  • Paving – Usually taking just one day, paving is a fascinating process to observe. Our paving machine will lay down a smooth, even thickness of asphalt. Trucks will arrive with hot-mix asphalt to supply the paving machine. The crew will also do hand work in tight spots. Once the paving machine is finished, a roller and other equipment will smooth and compact the hot asphalt. The crew gets a real workout during this process. We welcome our customers to watch the paving process from a safe distance.

3-5 Days

  • Initial Curing – For the next 3-5 days, depending on weather and other conditions, you’ll have to keep all vehicles off the new pavement. We will put up warning tape to alert visitors and vendors to keep vehicles off the driveway. During this time, however, you’re free to walk on your new driveway and admire the fresh, newly paved surface. Count on your neighbors coming over to check it out and ask a lot of questions, too.

2-3 Weeks

  • Additional Curing – After the initial curing time, it’s OK to drive vehicles on the driveway to get in and out of your garage. You should wait at least two to three weeks, though, before parking on your driveway, depending on the weather. We’ll let you know how long you should wait before you park on the pavement.




Asphalt Paving Timeline MN
Asphalt Paving Timeline MN

Richfield Blacktop – Creating Great Twin Cities Driveways for 60+ Years

For Twin Cities metro area homeowners, a brand new driveway is something to celebrate. There’s nothing like a freshly paved driveway to improve the appearance and value of a home and create a renewed pride of ownership. New driveways are infectious, too. As soon as one homeowner gets a new driveway, neighbors start thinking about replacing their own driveways. A new driveway is an affordable home improvement project that really makes a difference. Contact Richfield Blacktop soon for a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate. We’d love to meet you.

Asphalt Paving Timeline MN
Asphalt Paving Timeline MN