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The Advantages of Infrared Asphalt Repair

Perhaps you have heard of infrared asphalt repair (IRR). It can be a great way to repair asphalt in these five signs of existing breakdown in parking lots. That is why it is becoming a big business in specific city and state markets that understand the pros and cons of IRR. Infrared technology is an economical and environmentally friendly option to repair pavement. If you treat your asphalt well, you can get years of low maintenance use out of it. To properly comprehend the benefits of infrared technology, it’s helpful to understand how it works. Today we will break down[Read more…]

5 Environmental Benefits of an Asphalt Driveway Installation

Asphalt driveways are popular thanks to their fast installation process and known durability. Additionally, asphalt offers several eco-friendly benefits that homeowners will love, especially if they’re trying to reduce their carbon footprint. Asphalt driveways are ideal for colder climates since their dark surface can melt snow and ice faster than other counterparts. Asphalt is also less likely to chip or flake in comparison to concrete driveways. Now asphalt driveways are being applauded for their environmentally-friendly aspects.  Making choices that help the environment is no longer an option but a responsibility. By choosing asphalt, specifically recycled asphalt, you’re making a conscious[Read more…]

8 Paved Structures to Improve Your Commercial Property

High-quality concrete and asphalt pavement installations are a vital part of adding value to your commercial property, whether you’re in a commercial, retail, municipal, or government sector. There are endless possibilities out there for beautiful and practical paved structures that can improve businesses or other commercial establishments across industries. Here, we look at how property owners in unique sectors can take advantage of some common commercially paved structures and surfaces: 1. Driveways and Turnarounds The very first thing the vast majority of commercial property managers and owners will want to install is a driveway or turnaround area for customers and[Read more…]

What Business Owners Should Expect From a Parking Lot Installation

Making a good first impression on potential customers is crucial for any commercial business owner. You want to put your best foot forward from the very beginning of your customer’s experience, and having a properly installed and paved parking lot can have a huge positive impact. Commercial parking lot paving can be tricky, and there are a few important and sometimes unexpected factors for property owners to consider when installing a commercial parking lot. We take a closer look at what to expect as a business owner installing a new parking lot below. The Best Paving Materials for Commercial Parking[Read more…]

9 Questions Property Managers Should Ask Before Hiring a Pavement Company

Before hiring a pavement company, there are several questions property managers should ask to ensure they know what kind of service they’re buying. Whether or not a company can finish the commercial paving project on time and on budget is essential in making a hiring choice. Other factors, such as different pavement options and quality, weigh just as heavy when making a decision. Property managers should make sure they ask all of the right questions to have the best results with the pavement company they choose. Here’s an overview of the questions, which we will dive into in detail below. [Read more…]

6 Benefits of a Concrete Driveway

Does your driveway need to be replaced? Are you building a new home? Regardless of the reason, if you’re shopping for a new driveway, it’s important to get to know all of your options and understand what makes some better than others. If you want a driveway that requires minimal maintenance, looks great, and will last for decades, you’ve come to the right place. Concrete offers all of these perks and more.  Read on to learn what concrete is and all the ways you can benefit from a concrete driveway.  Concrete: An Overview Concrete has been a common building material[Read more…]

Asphalt Paving Budget Tips for Property Managers

Managing a property isn’t easy. Lessees can be difficult, and the external and internal maintenance you have to keep up with seems never-ending. Whether the property you manage is large or small, several large repair projects likely pop up each year. It would be great if budgets were endless, money didn’t matter, and you could fix everything right away. Unfortunately, money is finite, budgeting does matter, and you have to prioritize projects.  Use this guide to help you plan your next big asphalt paving project and stretch your budget as far as possible.  The Benefits of Maintaining Your Asphalt Surface[Read more…]

Key Benefits of Asphalt

Roads, driveways, and parking lots are an essential part of modern life in the United States and life worldwide. You can easily feel the difference between a quality, well-maintained road, and one that is poorly maintained simply based on the way it feels. Asphalt pavement is known for its durability and flexibility. Although these attributes are usually why asphalt is considered the best option for most paved surfaces, there are many other benefits of choosing asphalt.  What is Asphalt? Asphalt is used to construct and maintain roads, parking lots, train tracks, seaports, airport runways, bike lanes, sidewalks, playgrounds, and sports[Read more…]

Why Infrared Asphalt Repair is a Sustainable Option for Pavement

When you think about sustainability, the first thing that comes to mind is probably planting trees or recycling, not asphalt, and especially not infrared asphalt repair. That’s okay. You’re not alone in this train of thought. Nonetheless, asphalt is known as ‘the eco-friendly pavement. It’s actually the most recycled material in North America. With this in mind, it makes sense that asphalt is used in a green process to repair pavement that saves time and money called infrared asphalt repair. What is it about this asphalt restoration process that makes it a sustainable option for commercial and residential pavement repairs?[Read more…]

10 Things You Should Know About Infrared Asphalt Repair

Asphalt offers numerous benefits in various applications, from driveways and sidewalks to heavily traveled roads and parking lots. Although asphalt is an intensely strong material, it does become damaged over time. Infrared asphalt repair is an effective method of fixing various asphalt defects. The minor mends provided by this process are durable and last an impressively long time before requiring repair again. Infrared asphalt repair provides seamless solutions, blending existing asphalt with a new mixture, resulting in a joint-free asphalt patch. Infrared asphalt repair is an excellent solution for residential, commercial, and municipal asphalt issues.  Infrared Asphalt Repair Explained Infrared[Read more…]