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Why You Should Remove a Concrete Driveway Before Laying Asphalt

Is your concrete driveway starting to show signs of cracks and worn material? Do you feel you have to avoid mini potholes at your own home? If so, this might be the right time to transition from concrete to asphalt. Investing in a new driveway will make your house appealing to visitors and create a smooth entrance. However, one piece of critical advice to remember is to remove your old concrete driveway and sub base before the asphalt installation. A proper change in material can leave your driveway lasting more than 20 years. This article will list why you should[Read more…]

you should remove a concrete driveway before laying asphalt

How Is Asphalt Made?

If you’re considering asphalt for your driveway, garage, sidewalk, or walkway surfaces, then the question “How is asphalt made?” has probably come to mind. After all, the material is not the same as the concrete driveways that dot the suburban landscape.  So, let’s put on our science coats and learn more about the rugged material that can provide a need for your home.  What Is Asphalt Anyway? Asphalt is a mixture of materials for paving roads, driveways, and other surfaces. It is one of the most widely used materials in the world and commonly finds its way to residential and[Read more…]

asphalt made

What Are the Right Conditions for Laying Asphalt?

Driveways, parking lots, and streets all take a beating. Wear and tear from cars and changing weather conditions make asphalt repairs a necessity. But when it’s time for contractors to fix a road or lay new asphalt, temperature and timing can impact the paving process. If you need to hire a contractor, knowing what weather conditions are right for laying asphalt can help you avoid mishaps. Areas like the Midwest experience a wide range of seasons require extra precautions at times. Below is everything you need to know about getting your next paving project just right. How Temperature Plays a[Read more…]


Tips for Maintaining New Concrete During its First Winter

New concrete will provide your home with an aesthetic upgrade and an investment that should pay off for years. Concrete is durable but may get damaged during winter if you don’t offer it proper maintenance. Winter is known for frequent snowstorms, often resulting in concrete cracks and other damages. Here are some tips for maintaining new concrete during its first winter. Don’t Use Hazardous Deicing Agents in Concrete Maintenance Occasionally, you might think to clean your concrete driveways by sprinkling them with rock salt or applying deicing agents following snow accumulation throughout the winter.  Nevertheless, avoid deicing agents that contain[Read more…]


How Wide Should a Driveway Be?

For every property investment you make, it would help to consider both short and long-term benefits. You can never go wrong while investing in driveway installations as you’ll enjoy both long and short-term benefits.  Asphalt driveway installation’s short-term benefit is making your property look beautiful. The long-term merits will be increasing and maintaining your property value. Also, it’ll save you costly repairs if you choose a reputable driveway installation service.  But what should be the width of your asphalt driveway? Here, you’ll find out how wide your driveway should be. Standard Driveway Width It’d help you to consider two things[Read more…]

driveway should be wide

Tips for Caring for a New Asphalt Driveway

A freshly laid asphalt driveway is a thing of beauty. It provides a safer parking space for your family, adds curb appeal to your home, and creates a clear path to the front door. But, laying asphalt is a long-term investment, making it crucial to protect. By learning to care for your asphalt driveway, you can keep it looking new for years to come. How Long Should You Stay Off of a New Asphalt Driveway? Any immediate use of your new asphalt driveway can quickly lead to early damage like depressions, marks, and holes. That being said, it’s best to[Read more…]

tips for caring for a new asphalt driveway

Does a New Driveway Add Value to Your Home

You don’t have to be selling your house to think about ways to increase its value. As you step back and consider your property, it’s a good idea to take a hard look at your driveway. They are often neglected but make a major statement about your home. So, does a new driveway add value to your home? Replacing your driveway could be one of the most beneficial things you do for your home because it’s a relatively quick and painless process with several benefits. You could consider repairing or resurfacing it, but a nice new driveway can do wonders[Read more…]

does a new driveway add value to your home

How Long Does an Asphalt Driveway Last?

Installing a new asphalt driveway or resurfacing an existing one is a major project and significant investment. Both bring a lot of benefits to a property, but many people wonder: how long does an asphalt driveway last, and is the driveway’s lifespan worth the investment? How long should a driveway last? On average, a well-maintained driveway will last between 15 and 50 years. Several factors contribute to how long an asphalt driveway lasts. How Long Should a Driveway Last? One of the most important questions when considering whether or not to invest in replacing your drive is how cost effective[Read more…]

asphalt driveway contractor

Why Isn’t My Asphalt Surface Smooth?

Do you have an asphalt surface around your home that would serve you better if it were just a bit smoother? You have come to the right place. Here at Richfield Blacktop, we have the technical know-how and experience to make your asphalt surface more friendly for walking or driving. Importance of Smooth Asphalt A smooth asphalt surface is beneficial to homeowners for many reasons. One is that it reduces the risk of slips and falls. A rough and uneven asphalt surface can result in poor drainage, which can, in turn, cause the asphalt to crack and chip.  A smooth[Read more…]

Why Isn't My Asphalt Surface Smooth?

Why Your Concrete Patio Is Cracking

While concrete patios are durable, they may crack for various reasons. Thus, it’s essential to understand the causes of the damage and fix it promptly to avoid accidents and protect your home’s integrity. About 61.4% of new homes had patios in 2020, and the majority of those used concrete as these surfaces are popular for their easy maintenance and ability to withstand harsh weather elements. Therefore, when they crack, you may not know why. Are you wondering what causes cracks on your concrete patio? Read on to discover common causes of such damage and how to fix it. Concrete Settlement[Read more…]

Why Your Concrete Patio Is Cracking