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How To Manage Potholes and Damage To Commercial Property Pavement

Cars, trucks, trailers, other large vehicles, and even pedestrians can cause some severe damage to a commercial property’s pavement. Over time, weathering and constant traffic can cause commercial paving like parking lots to breakdown. Commercial property managers must act quickly to resolve potholes or any other pavement problems to avoid liability for any accidents that may occur. Pavement damage can impact a variety of property types, including: Schools Shopping centers Office parks or buildings Churches Shipping terminals Apartment complexes Warehouses and manufacturing facilities The Dangers of Damaged Commercial Pavement Commercial property managers are responsible for minimizing damage to the pavement[Read more…]

The Pros and Cons of Infrared Asphalt Repair

There are multitudes of reasons why asphalt has remained a popular paving solution for decades: it’s easy to apply, durable, and extremely cost-effective. However, there comes a time in any residential or commercial property owner’s life when asphalt issues arise. Whether it is cracking, potholes, or an exposed utility hole cover, you might need infrared asphalt repair to fix your problem. What Is Infrared Asphalt Repair? Even if you’re unfamiliar with the infrared repair process, you’ve probably seen it in action. The popular temporary paving solution is often used in both commercial and residential applications. Infrared asphalt repair involves heating[Read more…]

How Seasonal Weather Affects Asphalt Parking Lots

Just from looking at it, you might suspect that your asphalt parking lot is incredibly durable and resistant to the impacts of weathering and heavy use. Although asphalt is a relatively reliable material, with changing seasons comes extreme weather that can cause severe parking lot breakdown without proper maintenance and repairs. Varying weather conditions paired with continuous vehicular use put your commercial parking lot pavement at risk for cracking, potholes, and pooling water. Heavy rainfall, dramatic temperature fluctuations, ice, and snow all contribute to the breakdown of asphalt parking lots. As the seasons change throughout the year, keep a note[Read more…]

How Does Infrared Asphalt Repair Work?

Commuters can attest; few things are more frustrating than a pothole placed precariously in the middle of the street, waiting on repairs for months and months. Technological advances have put infrared asphalt repair at the forefront of paving solutions, which is an extremely efficient and effective method for repairing pavement. Now, those potholes can be paved over in no time. Infrared asphalt repair, or IRR, is becoming an increasingly popular pavement repair method due to its wide range of applications and benefits. Commercial and municipal entities use the process to make quick fixes to existing pavement structures like parking lots,[Read more…]

5 Signs of Parking Lot Breakdown

Paved commercial parking structures for retail centers, churches, banks, parks, hospitals, universities, restaurants, and many more industries undergo tons – literal tons – of vehicle and foot traffic daily. On top of that constant pressure, other factors like weather conditions can damage the pavement.  Correctly maintaining commercial parking lots is critical for the safety of the people utilizing them. Structural damage like potholes and cracks should be addressed immediately. When the breakdown of a parking lot becomes too expansive, it may result in a total replacement. What Causes Parking Lot Breakdown? There are a variety of factors that contribute to[Read more…]

6 Benefits of Recycling Asphalt

Did you know that out of all asphalt products created in the United States of America, about 80% will be recycled at some point in its lifespan? Asphalt is actually America’s most recycled product. It is estimated by the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) that over 110 million tons of asphalt are reclaimed annually, as of 2018. Of that reclaimed material, almost 95% gets reused in the paving of infrastructure across the country. Overall, nearly 100% of asphalt will be recycled or stored for future use in the United States. The use of recycled asphalt products (RAP) has become increasingly[Read more…]

Summer Pavement Maintenance Checklist

Heat and strong UV rays from the sun can be incredibly harmful to both concrete and asphalt lots and driveways. The high temperatures and humidity of the summertime can warp your pavement and lead to some worrisome troubles down the line. Some of the most common structural pavement issues residential and commercial property owners face in the summer months include cracking, potholes, sinking, and water accumulation. Each of these problems can be detrimental to the function and aesthetics of the affected parking lot or driveway. Recognizing these prevalent pavement problems before they become overwhelming will help to prevent further inflicted[Read more…]

Asphalt Driveways: Everything You Should Know

How to Maintain Your Asphalt Driveway Asphalt is one of the most durable and cost-effective driveway materials on the market today. It’s incredibly important to properly maintain your driveway to extend its life and keep it in quality shape. Asphalt can overcome temperature, climate, weather, and other external conditions. However, over time you’ll likely notice regular wear and tear. There are many issues homeowners can experience with an asphalt driveway, such as: Block Cracking Edge Cracking Alligator Cracking Grass Growing Raveling Potholes Oil Spots Fading Performing regular maintenance on your asphalt driveway will help homeowners ensure its longevity and durability[Read more…]

When is the Right Time to Replace My Asphalt Driveway?

If your asphalt driveway is looking a little worse for the wear, it may be time for some much-needed repairs or even a full replacement. If you live in a region where the weather can take a toll on your driveway, there are some signs of damage you should be aware of to properly protect your pavement and driveway.  Tackling minor damages straightaway is the best defense against the elements and a sound way to prevent further repairs on your asphalt driveway. Proper asphalt driveway maintenance can also help curb issues down the road.  Asphalt is a great paving material,[Read more…]

A Guide to Sealcoating Your Asphalt Driveway

If you’re a homeowner with an asphalt driveway, it’s likely that you’ve been faced with the decision of whether sealcoating should occur. While sealcoating comes with an investment, it’s an excellent preventive measure to take to maintain the appearance of your asphalt driveway, prolong deterioration, and increase its overall life. Your driveway is a feature of your property that is noticed immediately by passersby and guests, making it incredibly essential to maintain and care for properly. If you begin to see trouble spots such as potholes, crumbling areas, cracks, or fluid stains, it’s likely that your driveway is experiencing pavement[Read more…]