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Sealcoating Benefits

  • Appearance – Sealcoating every three years or so is a good way to maintain the beauty of your blacktop driveway and keep it looking like new.
  • Preventing Sun Damage – Over many years, sunlight can bake the oils contained in the asphalt, causing evaporation and deterioration of the asphalt. Given enough time, this process can make the driveway more brittle and prone to cracking.

A Little Sealcoating Goes a Long Way

At Richfield Blacktop, our 60+ years of driveway experience leads us to suggest the following process for sealcoating. It’s not necessary to seal your driveway annually, and you should allow your new blacktop to completely cure before sealing it for the first time. Here are our suggestions:

  • Wait at least two years – A complete curing of freshly-laid asphalt is needed before sealcoating takes place. If repairs are needed during that time, an unsealed driveway makes repairs easier.
  • Use a proper sealcoating product – Your sealcoating product should be an oil/water emulsion with polymer additives. Sealcoating products that are available from home supply centers, farm supply outlets, and hardware stores vary in quality. Richfield Blacktop will be glad to make recommendations and answer your questions about sealcoating products.
  • Apply sealcoating sparingly – A thin coat of the sealcoating material, applied with a squeegee every three years is just right. Too thick a coating will do more harm than good, as will applying the sealcoating too frequently.

Do-it-Yourself or Professional Driveway Sealcoating

Many Minneapolis St. Paul area homeowners do their own sealcoating. The products and tools needed are readily available, and the job is not a difficult one. If you would rather have sealcoating done by others, there are several reputable sealcoating companies in the Twin Cities area. Avoid door-to-door sealcoating salespeople, though. While some are legitimate, there are also some fly-by-night outfits that may apply products that can actually harm your asphalt.

Richfield Blacktop – Rely on Us for Driveway Information and Advice

Over the years, our customers have relied on Richfield Blacktop whenever they need information about their driveways. Whatever your question, if it’s about blacktop or concrete driveways, you can always feel free to call us with your questions or use the information you find here on our website. We’ll always gladly give you the information you need, whether you just have a question or need a new driveway. Contact Richfield Blacktop any time. We’d love to hear from you.

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