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Here are some factors to consider:

  • Schedule Spring Driveway Replacements Early – The first part of the driveway installation season is always very busy. Homeowners often make the decision to get a new driveway during the cold Minnesota winter weather, often when a deteriorating driveway makes snow removal difficult. If you want to get started with a new driveway between May and July, contact Richfield Blacktop early, so we can schedule your driveway installation as soon as possible.
  • If You Need a New Driveway for a Planned Event – Guests arriving from out of state, graduation parties, weddings, and other events often are great reasons to freshen up the appearance of your Minneapolis St. Paul area home with a brand new driveway. If you’d like your new driveway to be ready for an upcoming event, be sure to call Richfield Blacktop as soon as you know when your event will take place, so we can schedule the installation in time for it to be installed and ready to use before the event.
  • If You’re Putting Your Home on the Market – A brand new blacktop driveway is a great selling point for any home, and contributes to the curb appeal that is so important to home buyers. By the same token, a deteriorating driveway is a quick way to send potential buyers on their way to look at another property. If you’re planning to sell a home, contact Richfield Blacktop in advance to make sure your new driveway will be finished and ready for traffic.
  • Take Advantage of Slow Periods – At Richfield Blacktop, the number of driveway installations we do slows down a bit during mid-summer. July and August are great times to have your new driveway installed quickly. Just give us a call during that period, and you’ll have a new driveway for your home sooner than you’d think possible. The hotter the temperature, the longer you may have to wait to drive and park on your new driveway.
  • Avoid Another Winter with A Failing Driveway – If you struggled with snow removal on an uneven, cracked driveway last winter, don’t go through that again. Richfield Blacktop can replace your old driveway in September and October. You’ll be amazed how much easier snow removal is with a brand new, smooth driveway. The dark asphalt also warms to melt snow and ice almost any time the sun shines, even when the temperature is below freezing. During the fall, we’re often very busy again, so schedule your pre-winter driveway replacement early.

Richfield Blacktop – Top Quality Asphalt Driveways When You Need Them

A new driveway is a source of pride for every Twin Cities homeowner, and Richfield Blacktop has been creating new and replacement driveways for Minnesota homes since 1954. Our efficient, well-trained crews have the skills and experience needed to create a driveway for you that will make your home the pride of the neighborhood, and we’re ready to get started installing yours. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation driveway consultation and estimate. Our goal is to be the customer’s choice for premier asphalt and concrete driveways throughout the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area.

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