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Some Reasons that Cracks Develop Include

  • Difficult Soil Conditions – In areas with soft clay or loamy soil, the ground under a driveway may move or settle, leading to the development of cracks.
  • Inadequate Sub-Base – If the sub-base under the driveway is inadequate for the soil conditions, the driveway is more likely to develop cracks. Richfield Blacktop will recommend the best sub-based options for your particular soil conditions.
  • Roots and Plants – Roots, particularly from trees, that grow under an asphalt driveway can cause cracking.  Over the years, even trees that were small when planted can spread under driveways and cause cracks. Plants, even delicate mushrooms, can grow up and crack a driveway.
  • Underground Utility Lines – Water lines, culverts, underground electrical lines, and other paved-over features may shift and cause cracking.
  • Water Infiltration – Water that runs off from roofs or from over-watered lawns, and runoff from storms and melting snow can infiltrate under driveways and cause cracking due to frost heave or movement of the soils under the sub-base. Careful attention to drainage can minimize these risks. Richfield Blacktop takes special care with drainage when designing driveways.

Repair Asphalt Driveway Cracks to Avoid Costly Repairs

Fortunately for homeowners, a crack that develops in an asphalt driveway is easily repaired. Crack repair products for asphalt driveways are available from any home supply store, farm supply store, or hardware store. Easy to use, these products can fill a crack as soon as it appears.

Repairing cracks as soon as they appear is important. Left open, a crack will retain water and allow it to infiltrate the sub-base. Over time, hydraulic pressure will enlarge the crack. The winter freeze/thaw cycle can worsen the problem, leading to the development of more cracks and even potholes. So, when a crack appears, don’t delay. Fill it with a high-quality blacktop driveway crack filler right away, and you’re back in business.

Richfield Blacktop – Top Quality Blacktop Driveways for the Twin Cities

At Richfield Blacktop, our experience in creating asphalt driveways in the entire Twin Cities metro area means that we understand the conditions in every community in the area. That lets us recommend the ideal combination of design features that will create a driveway that is durable and beautiful for your particular location. Our careful attention to drainage and other driveway design issues also adds to the quality of your driveway. Call Richfield Blacktop today to discuss your asphalt or driveway plans. One of our experienced, professional driveway consultants will evaluate your needs, answer all of your questions, and provide recommendations for your driveway and an estimate. There’s no obligation, and there’s no charge for this service.

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