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Here are some of the factors that influence the cost of a driveway:

  • Size – Driveways are priced by the square foot. Depending on options and conditions, blacktop driveway costs between $4 to $7 per square foot. You can do a measurement of the area of your current driveway to get an idea of the price range, even before calling Richfield Blacktop.
  • Soil Conditions and Condition of the Current Sub-Base – When we replace a blacktop driveway, the sub-base under the old driveway may or may not be adequate for the new driveway. If the existing sub-base is fine, that will save money for you. If not, we’ll recommend and explain options for you for the sub-base, and let you decide. There are three basic ways we can handle your sub-base and paving:
    • Use Existing Sub-Base – Where the current sub-base is adequate for your soil types, we can remove your old asphalt paving, then grade and compact the current sub-base.  Any additional sub-base materials will be added, as needed, and you’ll pay only for the materials added. Then we will pave with hot-mix asphalt and compact it to DOT specifications.
    • Replace with New Sub-Base up to 6″ – With this option, we remove the old paving, along with up to 6″ of the old sub-base. We then replace the sub-base materials with Class 5 sub-base material and thoroughly compact that material with a vibratory drum roller and other equipment before repaving with fresh hot-mix asphalt and compacting to DOT standards. This produces a high-quality, durable driveway in most soil types.
    • Replace with New Sub-Base up to 8″ and Geotechnical Fabric – For driveways in areas with soft, poorly drained soil conditions, this level of sub-base replacement may be your best choice for a long-lasting, durable driveway. At this level, we remove the old paving, along with up to 8″ of the old sub-base. We then install a layer of Geotechnical fabric to form a separation between the sub-base material and the underlying soil. Class 5 sub-base material is then added and compacted thoroughly with vibratory roller and plate compactors. Hot-mix asphalt is then laid and compacted to DOT standards.
  • Asphalt Driveway Paving Pricing MNWhere You Live Makes a Difference – Soil types vary widely across the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area. Some communities have well-drained sandy soil that compacts very well and requires the simplest sub-bases. Other communities have clay or loamy soils, which need well-designed and compacted sub-bases and sometimes Geotechnical fabric installation. At Richfield Blacktop, we’re intimately familiar with the soil conditions throughout the area, and will make recommendations based on that knowledge. Here are the typical conditions in some communities:
    • Bloomington Driveways– In most of Bloomington, sandy soils are present. These soil conditions are the simplest to handle, but still require proper grading and compaction, along with careful drainage design.
    • Eagan Driveways – Clay and loamy soils predominate here. A Class 5 sub-base, properly compacted, and even the option of Geotechnical fabric, may be needed for the most durable, long-lasting driveways.
    • Eden Prairie Driveways – Depending on where you are in this community, your soil type may be sandy or loamy. Your driveway construction methods will depend on your exact location to produce the best results.
    • Plymouth Driveways – The very soft loamy soils that are present require careful sub-base design and installation. Richfield Blacktop recommends 8″ sub-bases and Geotech fabric for driveways in most areas of this community for the longest driveway life.
  • Options Affect the Price – Adding optional features to your driveway, like Permaloc Aluminum AsphaltEdge or Geotechnical fabric under your sub-base will add to the cost of your driveway, but also contribute to its long life and beauty. Your Richfield Blacktop consultant will explain these options and answer all of your questions. You make the decisions yourself.

Richfield Blacktop – Helping You Make Your Best Driveway Choices

When you call Richfield Blacktop for a free, no-obligation estimate for your new driveway, you don’t get a high-pressure sales pitch. Instead, you get a thorough consultation on your driveway. Your Richfield Blacktop representative will carefully explain all of your options, discuss the soil conditions in your area, tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of every option, and answer all of your questions. Then, you make the decisions that suit your needs and budget for yourself. Our job is to help you understand the factors that go into your decision.

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