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Driveway Repairs – Keeping your Driveway in Top Condition

Asphalt Driveway Repair Service MinneapolisWhether you own a residential or commercial property, keeping your asphalt driveway in top shape can sometimes mean making repairs. Overloading, water infiltration, freezing and warming during the winter months, and more can damage driveways. When damage occurs, it’s important to act quickly to repair the damage, before it worsens and requires a driveway replacement. Some repairs can be made by the property owner, but many types of damage require professional repairs. Some of the situations that may arise include:

  • Potholes – Our Minnesota winters cause water to freeze in cracks, holes, voids, and other areas of asphalt pavement. The expansion of the ice, followed by melting and re-freezing always causes these potholes to grow in size and depth. The sub-base under the asphalt soon deteriorates and further damages the driveway. Act promptly to repair potholes. Small potholes can be filled with cold-mix asphalt, available at home supply stores, but larger potholes should be professionally repaired. Call Richfield Blacktop for your major pothole repairs.
  • Edge Damage – Water drainage problems can wash away the sub-base under the edges of your driveway, causing the asphalt paving to crumble. This problem will steadily worsen. In addition, heavy vehicles on the edge of the driveway can break down the asphalt. The best cure is prevention, but if your driveway experiences serious edge damage, Richfield Blacktop can make repairs for you.
  • Low Spots and Sagging – These are common problems with asphalt driveways, and are caused by excessive weight, water infiltration, poor drainage, and other reasons. Water pools in these low spots and the surface becomes uneven. Call Richfield Blacktop for an assessment of the problem. We may be able to make a permanent repair without replacing the entire driveway.
  • Sunken Driveways – The area in front of attached garages of residential homes sometimes sinks, due to design problems or inadequate backfilling of excavations during construction of the building. This can lead to a lowered driveway surface and an uneven edge at the garage entry. Like most driveway damage, this situation will not improve on its own. Richfield Blacktop has repair solutions for this type of damage that do not require replacement of an entire driveway. Call us for more information and a consultation.
  • Cracking – This common driveway problem can usually be controlled by property owners, using high-quality asphalt driveway crack fillers available at home supply outlets. Cracks should be filled as soon as they appear, to prevent further damage caused by water infiltrating the sub-base. If you need professional crack filling, call Richfield Blacktop for a referral to one of our professional, trusted business partners.

Richfield Blacktop – Asphalt and Concrete Paving Repair Specialists

If any asphalt or concrete driveway or other paved areas on your property needs repair, think of Richfield Blacktop first. Our experience in residential and commercial paving means that we have the experience you need to make repairs that will last and prevent further damage to your pavement. Call us anytime to discuss your asphalt and concrete repair needs. We’ll be happy to advise you or to make repairs that can preserve your investment in paving.