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21 Reasons Why We Still Live in Minnesota- Despite the Winters

It’s forecasted to be an incredibly cold and snowy winter. It’s hard on our driveways, streets, backs- and mostly, on our spirits. So before the winter gets underway, we wanted to take time to remind you why we Minnesotans love it here- despite the seemingly endless winters of raging ice and snow.

21. Hotdish
Can you really go wrong with tater tots, cream of mushroom soup, shredded cheese and ground beef? No. The answer is no.

20. Spring
Nothing beats the first day it’s 45 degrees and the kids are running to the bus wearing shorts. Because- it’s shorts weather, right?

19. Sports
Between the Twins, Vikings, Wild, and Gophers, we’ve got a sporting event for every person. And when we’re playing… ehhem… “inconsistently”, tickets can be found for steal!

18. Food Trucks
The idea of eating food out of a truck should seem a bit dodgy. But we’re ok with it. Because… yum.

17. Snowy Holidays
Christmas lights just don’t look the same without a backdrop of white.

16. The People
Yah, sure, you betcha we love the people here. It takes all types, and we’ve got ‘em. We can be proud saying we’re from this bunch of people.

15. Food
Minnesota is not necessarily known as being a mecca of deliciousness, but it really is. From Bar La Grassa to the Lion’s Tap to Pepito’s, we’ve got some awesome cuisine.

14. Scenery
From the fall leaves, to a fresh fallen snow, to the shades of green in the summer, it doesn’t get much better than our sights.

13. Juicy Lucys
They were invented here, and they taste the best here. Who can resist a burger filled with ooey, gooey delicious cheese?

12. Trails
We’ve got more trails than any other state. Or something like that. We forget, but we know they’re awesome, and there are a lot of them.

11. Golfing
Alright- so we admit it’s not Scotland, but there’s something about trying to squeeze in as many rounds as possible during the summer that makes us appreciate it so much.

10. Fall
The leaves turn beautiful shades of reds, oranges, and yellows. There’s a sense of community in the fall: the kids go back to school, colleges are in session, and football games and apple picking bring the families out.

9. Cabins
Everyone’s got parents, friends or a crazy aunt who’s got a cabin. There truly isn’t a better place to make memories than around the bonfire.

8. Mall of America
Ok- so we’re not saying we want to go every weekend, but having the biggest mall in the United States a few miles from your house is pretty great.

7. Target Field
The view of downtown while the sun is setting is impeccable. We challenge another state to show us a better stadium. Can’t be done.

6. The Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament
In our opinion, Minnesota does it like nobody else. Who can resist a weekend with the boys watching other boys play hockey?

5. Lakes
On those gorgeous summer days, the nearest lake is only a few miles away. We spend the days swimming, boating, and jetskiing and evenings watching the sunset from the deck.

Photo via: Google
Photo via: Google

4. Entertainment
From T. Swift to Prince to U2 to Wicked, there are constantly shows for people of all interests.

3. Summer
As brutal as the winter is, the summer is as gorgeous. We get so many perfect days in the summer- just when the days are long enough to truly enjoy.

2. Adrian Peterson
‘Nuff said.

1. The Minnesota State Fair
They don’t call it the Great Minnesota Get-Together for no reason. Cheese curds. Sweet Martha’s. Pronto Pups. What a delicious way to get together.

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