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Driveway Miracle

Back in April we announced Anne and John Weber as the winners of our driveway giveaway contest, and we could not be more pleased to reveal the complete transformation! Out with the old, cracked, wheel chair-restricted driveway and in with a much newer, neater, and wheel chair-friendly version. Through a week-long process, we excavated, installed, and paved a brand new asphalt driveway for the Webers, all in hope of making their lives just a little bit easier. We couldn’t have asked for a nicer, more grateful family to work with during the giveaway project. Please enjoy some of the photos from the process that document all of the progress along the way.

“When Richfield Blacktop offered it’s customers a chance to win a new driveway, John Weber decided that this was the answer to his wife’s prayers. After losing everything and suffeing a series of tragic life events, his wife’s health had been the last straw. Confined to a wheelchair for the last few years, they have had to move in with her senior parents.

Remarried after the loss of Anne’s mom to cancer, they are still newly weds. That didn’t stop them from sacrificing their limited retirement to help make an accessible addition to their modest home in Minnesota. But when funds ran out with only 60% of the project completed and on-going medical bills, hope was quickly starting to wane. Battling guilt over her illness, John and Anne had no more resources and the city had notified them that they would face fines if the driveway was not enlarged and completed by late spring, early summer. The driveway was overcrowded and the only way to get her wheelchair in was to drive through the muddy ruts, bumps and cracks that left her wheelchair stuck on a regular basis.

That’s when Richfield Blacktop’ Contest was announced on Facebook. John entered and to make a long story short, THEY WON!!! This is the story of their miracle driveway and the amazing job Richfield Blacktop did and how their incredible results have made them the number one blacktop and concrete company in the Twin Cities.”

“Not only were they incredibly professional and quick, but had an amazing commitment to making sure everything was done just right the first time. They’ve made life so much better and for our family but they have gone way beyond and given us a renewed sense of hope for the future. Thank you so much and we look forward to sharing the rest of this journey with all of you.

With humble hearts and an overwhelming sense of gratitude, 

John & Anne, Matti & Mary”

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