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10 Things to Love About a Minnesota Spring

10. Opening the windowsMelting Snow

Once it hits 50 degrees, that seems like a fair temperature to open the windows and get some fresh air, right?

9. Daylight

The spring days seem to be endless- a welcome reprieve after months of short days.

8. Disappearing mountains of snow

There is something therapeutic about seeing the shrinking mountain in your front yard.  One day you can’t see over it.  Two days later, it’s nothing but a molehill.  Fantastic!

7. People out and about

After a winter cooped up in the house, there is no greater sign of spring than the people who seem to be awaking from hibernation.  People are out walking dogs, running, biking- enjoying the fresh air.

6. Green

After months of white and brown, a little green brightens up the days!

5. The Smell

Sigh… the smell of spring.  We’re not sure what exactly the smell is, but we know we love it.

4. Leaving home without a coat

There is something so freeing about running errands without the weight of a coat.  We may or may not stop wearing it a little bit early, but hey… it’s been a long winter.

3. Grilling

The first grill of the season is something worth celebrating. As is the second. And the third. And so on…

2. The sounds

By the end of the summer, birds chirping might be annoying. But right now, it’s heavenly.

1.    Eating on the deck… or even better- the patio!

It feels like an invitation to really enjoy your meal, rather than dining and dashing.  Put your feet up, enjoy your beverage, and stay for a while!

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