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7 Garage Organization Tips

Garage OrganizationIf you’re like us, spring is that special time when you realize that an entire winter’s worth of toys, decorations, dirt, and tools are scattered throughout your garage.  Time to get it cleaned up and organized now that it’s warm enough to do so! We wanted to share some of the best garage organization tips we’ve seen over the years.

  1. Hanging shelving– If installed correctly, this can be super stable.  It’s a great way to get items you don’t use frequently out of the way.  Tip: holiday decorations are a great thing to store on these shelves since you only need them once a year.
  2. Bungee cords to hold sporting equipment– We love this one!  So much better than all the wasted space you’d have in a storage tote.
  3. Label those storage totes–  This way, you won’t have to memorize what’s in them or check several before you find what you need.  A label maker is pretty inexpensive, and can be used more than you think.
  4. Hang tools between studs– This tucks them away and keeps them organized.
  5. X Marks the spot– Be sure to mark an area so you know how far to drive in. Some people like to hang a tennis ball, but we love the idea of painting a vertical stripe.  It adds color and protects your car and stored items.
  6. Hang your bikes– Put them at a height where you can easily get them down, but save your floor space.
  7. A place for everything– The best way to make your garage appear organized is to make sure everything has a place.  What this means: no random items sitting around.  If necessary, hang baskets from the wall to fill with these items.
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