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10 Indoor Activities for Kids to Pass a Minnesota Winter

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We’re all starting to get a touch of cabin fever as we anxiously await the beginning of driveway season, or as some might call it, spring.   With all of the snow days, we’ve heard some of you are running out of indoor activities for the kiddos, so we put together a list.

1.    Build a fort
Many of us have fond memories of building blanket forts growing up.  All of these years later, it’s still a great way to entertain the little ones.  Move furniture close enough and drape blankets fully over it. Bring some books and snacks in, and you’re set for the day.
2.    Indoor playground
There are some great local indoor playgrounds.  The added benefit of this idea: it lets the kids get some energy out without running around the house.
3.    Board Game Tournament
Set up a family tournament with a favorite board game or two. Be sure to have a chalkboard or whiteboard with a bracket, and some sort of prize for the winner.
4.    Movie Marathon
The key to this one is to make it special.  Make popcorn and plan snacks for each movie title.  We love to do a trilogy within the same day, so that each movie builds on the movies before.  If necessary, plan in aerobics breaks for jumping jacks and stretches to stay focused.
5.    Dance Party
Pick some favorite tunes, move furniture out of the way, and boogie!
6.    Scavenger Hunt
Put together an indoor scavenger hunt.  As a bonus to this, you can create tollgates for each step- such as cleaning up toys, making a bed, or reading a chapter of a book.
7.    Indoor Camping Trip
We’re many months away from camping season.  Why not pull out the tent, lantern and sleeping bag and put together an indoor camping trip?
8.    Marble Races
Use a pool noodle, wrapping paper rolls, and other things you find around the house.  Let the kids build their own “track” for their marble.
9.    Baking Day
Let them pre-select a recipe.  Get together and bake their recipe, as well as one of your own.  Bonus: they’re learning a life skill!
10. Indoor Beanbag Toss
Use painter’s tape to set up goals on the floor.  Grab beanbags, and toss away!