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Asphalt Protection Plan – Keeping Your Investment in Good Shape

Richfield Blacktop is proud to add value to your new asphalt driveway by including an asphalt protection plan on every asphalt driveway we install.  This post will help you understand the details of this plan.

Seal coating your driveway

007After your new driveway is installed we ask you do not reseal it for five years. This is because when repairing the asphalt service we use a torch to heat up the asphalt. If there is sealer on the asphalt it causes toxic fumes, as well as, severe surface discoloration.

What Is Covered


Asphalt can crack for many reasons. The most common being frost heave cracking. This happens when the sub-soils freeze in the winter and causes the ground heave up, pushing the asphalt with it. The best thing to do when asphalt cracks is to fill it as soon as possible with a flexible crack filler. Some small cracks can be blended back together by heating up the asphalt and tamping in new material.

Repair of Accidental Damage

  • Tire Marks
  • Punctures
  • Edge Breakdown
  • Oil or Gas Spills
  • Depressions in the Asphalt

What It Does Not Cover

  • Intentional Damage
  • Replacement of Asphalt
  • Repairing more than 5% of the asphalt area
  • Repairing asphalt that has been seal coated

Length of plan

The asphalt protection plan is for a period of five years.


  • In the event of accidental damage or crack call 612-767-4787 or email with your information.
  • Repairs may not match the color, age or texture of surrounding asphalt due to aging.