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Fixing Water Pooling on Your Driveway
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Fixing Water Pooling on Your Driveway

If you’re experiencing driveway drainage issues, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many people deal with standing water in their driveway, which is not only annoying and inconvenient, but harmful to your property. If you have water pooling in driveways on your property, we can help you fix it. This article will explain the causes of water pooling in your driveway and discuss the best solutions.

Causes of Water Pooling in Driveway

Causes of Water Pooling in Driveway

There are only a handful of reasons water should pool in your driveway, and most of them have to do with a lack of knowledge on the installer’s part.

Existing Damage

If your driveway has any existing damage, it can cause water to pool. Cracks, depressions, and raised spots can direct water to the center of your driveway and keep it there, leading to deterioration and other problems. If you crudely repair existing damage with driveway filler, this can worsen the situation, making the driveway even more uneven and less drainable.

Poor Drainage

When laying a new driveway, drainage should be a top concern. Unfortunately, not every company adheres to this advice, so they don’t account for or even think about drainage properties when laying a new driveway.

Poor Installation

If you set up a drainage system, but your driveway is uneven, lumpy, or cracked, not all of the water will be able to reach the drain, causing large puddles to form in random spots.

Poor Design

If you trusted a paving company to design your driveway, they may have neglected to account for certain factors like a slope on one side of the driveway or the slope of your entire property.

Why Standing Water Is Bad

You may look at the massive puddle in your driveway and think it’s no big deal. It’s just water, right? Well, while asphalt and concrete driveways are mostly water resistant, they can break down over time, allowing water to seep into the driveway.

Sun exposure and other natural elements contribute to the driveway’s deterioration. If water seeps into your driveway, it can cause extensive damage. But this isn’t just about your driveway.

Standing water in your driveway can also affect your landscaping, washing away soil and mulch. And worst of all, the water seeping into your driveway could reach your home’s foundation, causing structural damage.

Driveway Drainage Solutions

While you can try to soak up or push the water off your driveway, these are not decent long-term solutions. To remedy your standing water problem, you need to either implement a better drainage system or replace your driveway.

You can choose from a few drainage options if you decide to go that route. The most popular driveway drainage solutions are:

  • French drains: A French drain is a trench filled with gravel and a perforated pipe that moves surface water and groundwater away from the area.
  • Channel drains: A channel drain is like a trench drain. It’s a long grated drain at the bottom of slopes to catch water. These are ideal for sloped driveways and fast drainage. This drain is inconspicuous and you can place it around your entire driveway.
  • Swale systems: A swale system is a shallow channel with vegetation that stores or redirects water. These subtle depressions in your landscape are inconspicuous and easy to hide with plants and rocks.
  • Paver stones: You can use paver stones to redo your driveway and make it permeable, so water can freely drain. This option utilizes smaller stones to make your driveway, leaving thin gaps between the stones where water can escape. It has an attractive appearance but requires you to completely redo your driveway.

Paver stones are a comprehensive solution if your property makes it difficult to lay a driveway that does not slope. However, another solution to standing water in your driveway is to replace the entire driveway and install a new one that is level and conducive to draining. If you find drainage solutions unattractive, a new driveway is an excellent solution.

A flat driveway can solve your drainage problems for good, so if you think your driveway has run its course, consider getting a new one instead of putting effort into the drainage solutions mentioned above.

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Driveway Drainage Solutions

As mentioned, hiring an inexperienced, neglectful, or unknowledgeable driveway paver can lead to more than a slightly bumpy driveway. It can create problems with your landscaping and house.

You cannot soak up and push the water out of your driveway whenever it rains or snows, so it’s best to find a solid solution. Adding a drain can help, but the best option is to repave your driveway. Make sure you choose a reputable and experienced paving company.
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