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Increasing the value of your home by upping your curb appeal


Home looking a little worn down, used and ‘lived in’? There a few simple things you

can do to improve your curb appeal, and increase the price of your property

substantially. Another consideration is not just the price you get for your home, but

how quickly it sells. The more quickly your home sells, the sooner you can stop

paying the mortgage. It’s a HUGE savings. An attractive home sells more quickly.


– First- power wash your home and windows if necessary (whose home couldn’t use a

power wash??) Dirty windows and siding make a home look old and unwelcoming.

– Next, painting any faded or chipping trim, shutters and gutters makes a huge

difference. For the best results, choose a color that is neutral, but will stand out

against your home.

– Be sure the lawn is cut, you’ve trimmed around the sidewalks, and you’ve weeded

anything in the front yard. You don’t notice what a big difference this makes until

you see the finished product! If you’ve got time before you go on the market, throw

down a layer of grass seed. Your lawn will look thicker, greener and more lush.

– A few potted plants (preferably colorful ones!) make a tremendous difference, and

again, give the impression that the home has been loved, maintained and cared for.

(If you can keep plants alive, obviously you’ve been changing the furnace filters,


– Finally, a crumbling driveway is a dead giveaway that your home has been

neglected. A new driveway REALLY improves the curb appeal, but is also something

you can advertise about your home. Homebuyers love knowing they wont need to

replace the driveway anytime soon. It’s a huge bonus.

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