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10 Ways to Enjoy a Very Minnesota Fall

We’re busy finishing up driveways before the snow flies, but we’re also taking some time out to enjoy this beautiful Minnesota season.  Here are 10 of our favorite ways to enjoy the fall in Minnesota! Go to a high school football game.  Throw on the school colors, bring a fleece blanket, and get out and support your local team!  It’s a cheap Friday night that lets you connect with your neighbors and enjoy some entertainment.  Buy a styrofoam cup of hot chocolate and some nachos from concessions while you’re at it! Go apple picking.  Bundle up in a hoodie, and[Read more…]

Driveway Miracle

Back in April we announced Anne and John Weber as the winners of our driveway giveaway contest, and we could not be more pleased to reveal the complete transformation! Out with the old, cracked, wheel chair-restricted driveway and in with a much newer, neater, and wheel chair-friendly version. Through a week-long process, we excavated, installed, and paved a brand new asphalt driveway for the Webers, all in hope of making their lives just a little bit easier. We couldn’t have asked for a nicer, more grateful family to work with during the giveaway project. Please enjoy some of the photos[Read more…]

21 Reasons Why We Still Live in Minnesota- Despite the Winters

It’s forecasted to be an incredibly cold and snowy winter. It’s hard on our driveways, streets, backs- and mostly, on our spirits. So before the winter gets underway, we wanted to take time to remind you why we Minnesotans love it here- despite the seemingly endless winters of raging ice and snow. 21. Hotdish Can you really go wrong with tater tots, cream of mushroom soup, shredded cheese and ground beef? No. The answer is no. 20. Spring Nothing beats the first day it’s 45 degrees and the kids are running to the bus wearing shorts. Because- it’s shorts weather,[Read more…]


Believe it or not, straight lines in landscaping don’t occur naturally in nature. Nope, those perfectly manicured lawns are made possible by the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance landscape edging; Permaloc. We’re all about you deciding you need a new driveway, but we’re even more about taking it to the next level. That’s what Permaloc does. A standard asphalt driveway has a tamped-down angle, making it more vulnerable to damage over time. What we, with the help of Permaloc, are trying to do is reduce the chance of edge breakdown over time. Installing Permaloc increases the edge strength of your[Read more…]

Throw the Ultimate Driveway Tailgate

Tailgating might make fall the most enjoyable of the four seasons. There’s something about cohesive drinking, eating, and laughing before enjoying a game of football that makes the world go round. Even if you’re not looking to head to a professional stadium parking lot to crack open a Bud Light or grill a burger, who’s to say you can’t throw a tailgating party with neighbors and friends on your own driveway? Checklist: A driveway you’re not embarrassed by Music A grill Grill basket Grill utensils Great recipes (or even stick to peanuts, popcorn, and hot dogs). We suggest: Buffalo Chicken[Read more…]

Fall Honey-Do List

You’ll have to forgive us if we’re always talking about seasons around here, our lives kind of revolve around them. Believe it or not with this wicked heat we’re experiencing, fall is just around the corner. And just as sure as those leaves will blow and that snow will fall, there are a few things that need to be done around the house and yard to get everything in tip-top cold weather shape. Think of it like spring cleaning only the, uh, fall version. Better to take care of it sooner rather than later (you know if you’ve learned the[Read more…]

Make Your Very Own Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk chalk is one of those magical activities that brings anyone back to the carefree days of childhood. A simple hopscotch board or a mural masterpiece, there’s something about holding that colored dusty object in your hand that relieves all stress; never mind the fact that it’s a fantastic way to bond with your kids. Up for the challenge of making your own concrete driveway art supplies? We think it sounds like the perfect weekend family project. Tools and Materials: 1. Cardboard tube (saved from center of paper towels, toilet paper, wrapping papers, tinfoil, etc.) 2. Scissors 3. Duct tape[Read more…]

Adding Curb Appeal

Adding curb appeal to your home not only makes you feel more proud as an owner, but can really up your chances of selling to potential homebuyers; would you want to see what was inside your house judging it from the outside? Here are a few simple ways to seize the season and give your place its long overdue face lift. Paint your front door! Why not make that focal point stand out a little bit? Pick a bold color to really revive that entryway. Replace your dingy-looking mailbox. Whether it has rusted hardware, is in need of a serious[Read more…]

Five years can be a long time…

…depending on the people you collect as family, friends and neighbors. We’ve all had them and we’ve all made them. Crazy relatives and stupid mistakes, that is. At Richfield Blacktop and Concrete, we strive to not only improve your property with a fantastic paved surface, whether it’s a driveway, sidewalk, patio or garage floor, but also are determined to help you keep it looking and performing beautifully over time. Our specialty is driveways – the special place on your slice of paradise that is witness to many activities, events and emotions. The paved space between the street and your house[Read more…]

Breaking news: Garage beats out Deck, Patio to take 2nd place this season!

Some things in our daily lives get little respect and appreciation. We often take for granted daily blessings when we get used to them: Electricity, a hot shower, air in our vehicle’s tires when it’s time to drive, nice weather, wifi hot spots, safe roads, mail delivery, open grocery stores, good health. Until something breaks down in some way, life just floats happily along without one-more-thing to add to the list of things to accomplish each day. Your garage is one of them. Your driveway is another. They put up with a lot, given the ever-changing weather extremes in the[Read more…]