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What Is the Expected Lifespan of a Concrete Driveway?

Your driveway sees a lot of traffic, so it must use the most durable, long-lasting materials. At the same time, you want your driveway to look nice and add to your home’s curb appeal. Concrete is a popular driveway material option. Not only does it add visual appeal to your home, but it’s a durable choice and a worthwhile investment. 

If you’re trying to decide if you need reinforcements for your driveway, Richfield Concrete can help answer your questions. Let’s look at the average lifespan of a concrete driveway, factors that can shorten that lifespan, and how concrete reinforcements can support your driveway for years. 

Average Lifespan of a Concrete Driveway

You can expect a concrete driveway to last anywhere from 20 to 50 years. Most concrete driveways last, on average, about 30 years depending on the environment, care, frequency of use, and other factors. 

Factors That Shorten a Concrete Driveway’s Lifespan

What determines the lifespan of concrete reinforcement? A concrete driveway may last up to 50 years, but certain factors can shorten this lifespan. 

Natural Elements 

natural elements 

We can’t control every factor. Natural external elements can beat down your driveway, causing it to weaken and take on damage. Some of these elements include rain, wind, ice, and snow. 

High winds can cause large objects to crash onto the surface of your driveway and cause damage. Water can seep into cracks. When it freezes, it expands and makes the cracks larger. Even exposure to sunlight can cause damage to a concrete driveway that doesn’t have reinforcement.

Poor Construction 

It’s critical to choose a construction company with a good reputation. Shoddy craftsmanship might look nice the first year or two, but it will rear its ugly head before long. 

For example, if a crew fails to add proper steel mesh or fiber reinforcement before laying concrete, it can cause structural problems and earlier signs of damage. 

Mixing the concrete with too much water can also promote shrinkage, which leads to cracks. Improper scoring of a driveway, known as control joints, can also cause premature damage. These lines exist to prevent cracks. 

Driving Close to the Edge 

Driving vehicles on the edge of your driveway is a quick way to promote damage, especially if there is no reinforcement to the concrete. The edges are the weakest part of the driveway, as they are usually supported by nothing more than dirt and grass. 

By driving right on the edge, you put unnecessary weight on this weak point. Doing so frequently will eventually lead to cracks. 

Why Choose a Concrete Driveway?

Why should you choose a concrete driveway over another option, such as gravel or asphalt? There are several benefits to this type of driveway that make it an excellent choice. 

Curb Appeal and Home Value

Of all the driveway material options, concrete gives your home the best curb appeal. While some prefer the dark look of asphalt and others don’t mind gravel, these options can look cheap to the outside world. Overall, concrete is more likely to add value to your home. 

Less Maintenance

Driveways made from materials like asphalt or gravel require much more maintenance than concrete. 

Asphalt tends to require frequent repairs, which adds up to more money over time. And we all know that most gravel driveways typically end up elsewhere – like in your front yard or scattered across the street. 

Concrete driveways are pretty low-maintenance, making them worth the upfront costs. Even small changes like adding an extra inch to the thickness can guarantee fewer repairs and a longer lifespan. 

Versatile Design Options

When we think of concrete, most of us picture that prevalent tannish-gray color. But concrete has several different design options that allow you to modernize its look. You can choose from various colors, patterns, textures, and borders to make your driveway beautiful.

Invest in a Concrete Driveway with Richfield Concrete

invest in a concrete driveway with richfield concrete

A concrete driveway is a solid investment bound to last you for as long as 50 years with quality installation and good overall care. And you can’t get better handiwork than the craftsmanship at Richfield Concrete. If you’re considering a new concrete driveway, contact Richfield Concrete today for a quote. We’re happy to answer any questions you have and get your project underway.

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