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10 Things You Should Know About Infrared Asphalt Repair

Asphalt offers numerous benefits in various applications, from driveways and sidewalks to heavily traveled roads and parking lots. Although asphalt is an intensely strong material, it does become damaged over time. Infrared asphalt repair is an effective method of fixing various asphalt defects.

The minor mends provided by this process are durable and last an impressively long time before requiring repair again. Infrared asphalt repair provides seamless solutions, blending existing asphalt with a new mixture, resulting in a joint-free asphalt patch. Infrared asphalt repair is an excellent solution for residential, commercial, and municipal asphalt issues. 

Infrared Asphalt Repair Explained

Infrared asphalt repair is sometimes referred to as infrared asphalt repair and restoration, or IRR. It is an incredibly innovative asphalt repair solution gaining popularity in many applications across industries.

The method uses minimal machinery to mend small, damaged patches of asphalt impacted by cracks, potholes, or loose gravel. Experienced asphalt repair companies heat the damaged asphalt to extremely high temperatures, allowing the new asphalt mixture to combine seamlessly with the asphalt that is already there. An asphalt paving company will use infrared asphalt repair to:

  • Adjust elevation around utility holes and sewage grates.
  • Level asphalt surfaces.
  • Create aesthetically pleasing patterns in asphalt for commercial applications.
  • Implement speed bumps and rumble strips on roads or parking lots.
  • Cover potholes, crack systems, and other pavement problems.

IRR is a quick and environmentally friendly process, but it is not a perfect solution for every asphalt pavement problem. This repair method makes the most sense for small areas of asphalt damage but is less effective on larger problem spots.

12 Important Facts About IRR

When a professional asphalt paving company uses IRR, they take existing asphalt and blend it with a new mixture to provide a seamless patch covering several asphalt imperfections. Although these asphalt repair services are simple and effective, they are not always permanent. Larger areas of damaged asphalt require more substantial repair solutions. The process of infrared asphalt repair is complicated, but it can benefit residential, commercial, and municipal properties immensely. Let’s take a closer look at what makes IRR an ideal asphalt repair method for many property owners.

1. Fast Fixes

One of the most appealing attributes of infrared asphalt repair is how quick and easy it is to apply. The repair process is fast, and there is minimal downtime after it is complete. Cars and pedestrians can travel on the asphalt surface as quickly as 20 or 30 minutes later, making it an ideal solution for commercial property owners and local municipalities. 

2. Money-Saving Solution

Since IRR is so fast and effective, it’s a great money-saving option for property owners. The IRR process uses modern machinery and requires minimal resources to complete the project. This solution’s speed and efficiency allow an asphalt repair company to offer the service at a low cost to commercial, residential, and municipal customers. 

3. The Environmentally Friendly Option

Another great advantage of IRR is its sustainability, making it an attractive solution for commercial companies concerned with corporate environmental consciousness. One little known fact is that asphalt is one of the world’s most recycled materials. IRR uses a mix of new and recycled asphalt to provide a sustainable and long-lasting solution. 

4. Avoid Further Issues

When it comes to asphalt repairs on busy roads and parking lots, failure is obviously less than ideal. Ensuring that the asphalt subgrade is intact is a vital factor for the success of IRR. Your local asphalt repair company should check the subsurface for issues before performing infrared asphalt repairs. If the subgrade stays damaged, there is a good chance that systems of alligator cracks form on the new asphalt’s surface.

Although infrared asphalt repair is not a permanent solution, it’s an excellent way to avoid any further asphalt issues when completed correctly. IRR repairs should last a long time, so long as the subsurface is still intact. If you want to prevent puddling, potholes, or extensive networks of cracks from forming on asphalt surfaces, IRR is the best solution. 

5. Save the Asphalt Subsurface

IRR is only useful if the asphalt subsurface is still salvageable. Repairs on damaged subsurfaces don’t last, so it’s crucial to ensure that the bottom layer is still intact before employing any infrared asphalt repair techniques.

6. Add Safety Features

One excellent use of IRR is to add safety features to roads, highways, and parking lots. An asphalt paving company can use the technique to seamlessly integrate speedbumps into roadways and parking lots, helping to slow down traffic safely. IRR is also effective for implementing rumble strips on highways and other busy streets. Rumble strips are effective in alerting disoriented drivers when they are getting too close to a guard rail. Save lives using IRR solutions.

7. Commercial Applications

IRR can be used in a variety of commercial applications. Install parking lot speed bumps or repair potholes and other damage to your commercial pavement using infrared asphalt repair technology. IRR is also used to create eye-catching effects in commercial asphalt. 

8. Asphalt Driveway Repair

Many homeowners take advantage of IRR when they notice damage to their asphalt driveway pavement. The infrared asphalt repair process is effective in fixing several residential pavement problems, including:

  • Potholes
  • Networks of cracks
  • Pooling water
  • Uneven pavement

9. Weather Will Make a Difference

Wind and water will both have an impact on the effectiveness of an IRR application. Rain can make the asphalt too wet, which hinders the infrared asphalt repair process. Additionally, wind and ambient temperatures can both significantly affect the cooling period of the IRR process.

10. Heat Shields Save Sewers

Some sewers and grates can’t handle the extreme heat that is present during the IRR process. Asphalt repair experts will use aluminum sheets to cover vulnerable areas and reflect heat off the metal surface, reducing impacts on utility systems.

Keep Up With Asphalt Repairs

Damage to an asphalt surface can quickly become an extensive issue for property owners if proper maintenance and repairs are ignored. Keep up with annual asphalt maintenance and take care of repairs as soon as they arise using infrared asphalt repair. If you need asphalt repairs or wish to implement new safety features to your property, contact an experienced asphalt repair company like Richfield Blacktop to deal with the damages right away.

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