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does a new driveway add value to your home
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Does a New Driveway Add Value to Your Home

You don’t have to be selling your house to think about ways to increase its value. As you step back and consider your property, it’s a good idea to take a hard look at your driveway. They are often neglected but make a major statement about your home. So, does a new driveway add value to your home?

Replacing your driveway could be one of the most beneficial things you do for your home because it’s a relatively quick and painless process with several benefits. You could consider repairing or resurfacing it, but a nice new driveway can do wonders for your home.

Curb Appeal

Take a drive near where you live and pay attention to the properties that stand out compared to their neighbors. Chances are those properties have added value from a driveway that is in excellent condition. Conversely, properties that have unfinished driveways or look like they are falling apart do not have the same attraction if all other things are equal.

Partly, this is because a driveway in good condition brings order to the property and adds to the site’s overall attractiveness. Asphalt or cement with no cracks, divots, or missing chunks creates an overall appearance of order and beauty. Driveways that look like they just survived an earthquake detract from the home’s overall appearance.

Another reason is that a driveway affects the “balance” of a property. That earthquake survivor driveway you keep putting off replacement introduces a sense of chaos that makes a property seem unfinished, or worse, poorly kept and thus low-value.

It Is an Amenity

it is an amenity

Sure, you would survive if you had to purchase a home with no driveway or a less attractive one, but it’s not as functional. A newly finished driveway adds value because it is an added enhancement that allows homeowners to utilize their space for various activities.

Think about that drive through your neighborhood. What homes catch your eye: The driveway lost to weeds or the one that is a bold marker and landing spot for a vehicle? Maybe you see young children riding bikes over the smooth surface or teenagers in a spirited basketball game.

A newly finished driveway is an enhancement that adds to a property’s overall appeal to a prospective buyer. It is not vital that a home has a new asphalt driveway, but it’s tough to ride a bike, skateboard, or dribble a basketball without one.

Easy Maintenance

How else does a new driveway add value to your home? It might seem a bit odd, but Installing a new driveway or replacing your existing one can reduce the time and money spent on maintaining your property.

Grass and landscaping takes time and money to keep it looking kempt, but a driveway reduces the amount of maintenance you need without detracting from the overall beauty. Similarly, gravel and dirt drives require extra maintenance during winter and rainy seasons, and they often look messy and unappealing to boot.

With new asphalt or cement driveways, once it is laid and cured, all you have to worry about is:

  • Clearing snow, which you must do anyway with the other two types of driveways
  • Patching the occasional crack that usually shows up after years of use
  • Use a hose and water to wash off dirt and debris that has accumulated

A new asphalt driveway is much easier to maintain season-by-season and requires less upkeep to look fantastic. The same holds for a concrete drive, although those do need to have cracks addressed about twice every ten years. Consequently, you can reduce the amount of maintenance you have to do, save money on the repairs, and still have a gorgeous landscape.

An Aesthetic Tool

A gravel drive can look nice if the owners spend a lot of time keeping it up. A dirt or grass drive looks the way it is going to look. A new asphalt driveway or cement drive is a tool to help make your property look better and, thus, sell for more. The right driveway makes the ideal starting point for landscaping and creating the perfect look to boost your property’s value.

Edging your drive, planting trees and bushes along it, and adding larger rocks are all ways you can “dress up” your asphalt or cement drive to make it look more attractive. Doing all those things and having them make the property look better is much tougher with gravel, grass, or dirt.

A new driveway with the right touches can help add flow to a property that is not there with the alternatives. Adding decorative rocks to a grass, dirt, or gravel drive perimeter, for example, makes it look like you are blocking off part of the property to keep people from driving on it. Edging gets obscured on all three or is not possible.

Added Value Is Assured

Paving your driveway or adding a cement driveway adds value to your home for each reason mentioned above. The most compelling argument is that an asphalt or cement driveway just makes a property look more orderly and better kept.

You have a few options to consider when looking at a new driveway. Take the time to weigh the pros and cons because it’s an investment in your property value.

While a gravel driveway is the most affordable option for homeowners, it doesn’t add anything to your home’s value because it’s not functional and requires regular maintenance. A new asphalt driveway costs a little more upfront, but you get a more durable, functional, and attractive surface. Concrete drives are the most expensive investment, but they aren’t ideal in places that see extreme cold and use a lot of rock salt.

Added Value Is Assured

Final Thoughts

Does a new driveway add value to your home? Yes, without a doubt it’s possible to boost your property value with a new asphalt driveway, or cement drive, if you prefer. Replacing your existing driveway boosts curb appeal while making the space more durable, easier to maintain, and overall more functional for your family.

Isn’t it time to stop dribbling around tufts of grass or riding bikes around cracks? Make your driveway more functional and attractive by replacing it with a new asphalt or cement driveway. Contact Richfield Blacktop today to learn how we can help!

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