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Adding Curb Appeal

Adding curb appeal to your home not only makes you feel more proud as an owner, but can really up your chances of selling to potential homebuyers; would you want to see what was inside your house judging it from the outside? Here are a few simple ways to seize the season and give your place its long overdue face lift.

  • Paint your front door! Why not make that focal point stand out a little bit? Pick a bold color to really revive that entryway.
  • Replace your dingy-looking mailbox. Whether it has rusted hardware, is in need of a serious paint job, or still bent 90 degrees from Bobby running it over with the car, giving it a makeover is an instant front yard pick-me-up.
  • Re-do that driveway! If you have winter damage, cracking, puddle-causing low spots, or pot holes, replacing your driveway is an important and never regretted investment. We at Richfield are here to help with all your concrete and asphalt needs.
  • Add some green. An asymmetrical assortment of potted plants from your local greenery will really bring the front of your house to life.
  • Don’t forget the lawn! Keeping the grass manicured and conquering those weeds really says a lot about your home (and the people who live in it!)
  • Dirt is for the ground, not the outside of your home. A garden hose should do the trick, power washers can be too harsh on siding and windows.
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